03 November 2009

Dignity begets dignity


Great points within - a breath of fresh air. I watched "Inside Edition" host Deborah Norville speak about her new book The Power of Respect on the news. (Imbedded in the video above, starting at about 25:30.) I used to think, "Just another tabloid infotainer, " however, maybe I was dreadfully mistaken.

Norville calls herself a "research geek" and shares simple insights from The Bible which amazingly are lost on most of us: treat others as you'd like to be treated.

She discusses outcomes of respect-based education (not entirely familiar with that topic, but sounds good), and cites the media (which the interview rightly points out "USED to have a sense of responsibility"), narcissism ("Me me me") and even sources in current events (the "Balloon Boy" family). She goes down the stream further to discuss the characteristics of the mass media and reinforce her main point. This last part sealed the deal for me, her lesson in reality t.v. and the resultant comparison to the man behind the curtain in Oz. - "Be skeptical." If there wasn't some genuine benevolent interest for the public here, I doubt she'd dare lift the veil on something so close to home.

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