25 November 2011

GCAS Music Video of the Year

Duran Duran released 'Girl Panic' this month from their new album, All You Need is Now, a production with the new wave sophistication and star power that helped make the '80s the greatest decade. George Michael tried this trick before I read, but Duran Duran were among the first putting supermodels in the music video format that was just debuting. The production comes off a brilliant original, and cast are Naomi Campbell as Simon Le Bon, Eva Herzigova as Nick Rhodes, Cindy Crawford as John Taylor, Helena Christensen as Roger Taylor. The storyboard follows the troupe through a drunken hazy day through London to the set of their 'video shoot' in a 9 minute tongue in cheek rock star interview and retracing of a lost day's events, with a cool nod to just a few other videos chiseling out the DD archetype: Rio, Notorious, The Chauffeur, Ordinary World, and Girls on Film.

Article: "Girl Panic", Rolling Stone, (LINK), 9 November 2011.
Article: "Yasmin Le Bon on the Duran Duran video, her dream campaign & unexciting editorials!", Grazia Daily, (LINK), 9 November 2011.

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