31 August 2007

Aladdin's Castle

Does anyone have photos from any of their birthday parties or anything?

Aladdin's as I recall was always very cool and you had to always be careful not to run underfoot the big kids. 8) It had lacquered red tile, a gold logo up top and was nice and dark inside, and LOUD in there!

I overturned an Aladdin's token on a Google image search and, voila, this post!

Other than that, Michigan had Pinball Pete's down the street. We had to ride our BMX bikes (mine had red and white checkerboard pads - yeah!) through the woods, up and down some big dirt hills and around some construction to get there. When you're an impressionable "yout," that little foray through those vacant lots always had a little "Witch in the Wardrobe effect."



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