03 September 2007

On the movie "Clockwatchers"

Some quotes from the existentialist film about temps, “Clockwatchers,” strike me as relevant while we struggle to find a way to unify themes of transience and the richness of experience in crossroads - defining moments - that are difficult to summarize in brief.
“It’s amazing how quickly the present fades into the past. Everything is temporary. Everything begins & ends, and sometimes begins again. You wonder if you could disappear without a trace. When I look ahead, I imagine infinite possibilities, 1000 blank photocopies, myself doing anything in each one, or watching the world go by.”
The producer of the film, G. Resnick discusses the marks left behind amid the bittersweet and ephemeral periods in our lives that seem to have finished before they have begun. It seems that we should be left with an optimistic message when considering the future despite its uncertainties.
"For me," says producer Gina Resnick, "the `temp' is the ultimate metaphor for this time in their lives when they have to decide whether they will be noticed or just pass through. These people are trying to find themselves and some of them do, and some of them get lost forever. They are feeling the forces that operate on people in the world and how hard it is to find your way. I hope the audience will feel their predicament, relate to it, then cry and laugh with them."

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