02 October 2007

Ninja heist in Pennsylvania

Excerpted from www.foxnews.com

A Pennsylvania robbery turned into a bad kung fu movie last weekend when two women in ninja attire robbed a gas station of lottery tickets, cigarettes and cash, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported.
The two women walked into the Sunoco station early Saturday armed with a samurai sword and a dagger, respectively, the paper reported. They allegedly tied up a female clerk, grabbed the loot and fled. The robbery was captured on security video.
Click here to watch the video.
The swarthy 'ninjas' were dressed all in black except for white gloves. Police have made no arrests in the case.

[End Story. Note: That is great. P.S., if you are having trouble picking out a Christmas gift for me, I really need new throwing stars. The little ones I have would never hurt anybody. I'm looking for the ones closer to the size of a dinner plate. - Ed.]

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