25 February 2008

Mexican head of state initiates Information Warfare campaign in favor of illegals

Precis: Would it be any wonder that Presidente Felipe Calderon chooses to exploit one of our greatest Achilles' heels; that of influencing public opinion with commercials? Our society has developed thanks to open communication, "which shall not be abridged." But what about when a foreign state uses the medium of television as leverage against U.S. law? Hey, the Mexicans have found out how to use Capitalism against us to benefit their own economy. Kind of ironic, huh?

What puzzles me most is how we permit the spread of this kind of propaganda - that is, the promotion of law-breaking and the breakdown of order, in a word: anarchy. Read below:


Mexican president lashes out at U.S. candidates
Government to finance public relations push to change American opinions

The government announced that it would sharply lower the banking fees that are charged for remittances to immigrants’ relatives in Mexico City, the capital, to as little as $3 for a $500 transfer. No transfer would cost more than $10 under the program, which is a partnership with the national banking corporation Grupo Financiero Banorte.
It also said it would back a proposal by the immigrants agency to organize a coalition of Mexican activists inside the United States to respond to political attacks on immigrants. The coalition would be called la Liga contra la Discriminación de los Mexicanos en Estados Unidos, or the League Against Discrimination of Mexicans in the United States.

PR campaign targeted at the U.S. public

But the most unusual initiative would budget an undisclosed amount for a campaign inside the United States to “win the battle of public opinion” by highlighting inspirational “success stories” of Mexican immigrants who had prospered in American society.
Calderón did not disclose details of the new campaign, but he said it would help the U.S. public recognize “the irreplaceable contribution of Mexicans to the United States, to its economy and its society.”
A particular target will be the U.S. news media, where he said he would seek an “objective dialogue” on immigration.
“Strategies of simple confrontation and rudeness aggravate an anti-Mexican feeling,” Calderón said, amplifying “the worse phobias even more.”

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