19 April 2008

New Romantics and 80s taxonomy

A taxonomy is a break-down of things - e.g. Group - sub-group - element - sub-element ... from large to small. I've been reading so much about 80s music sub-movements on Wikipedia (groan) that my head hurts. I DO think the New Romantic entry is pretty freaking phenomenal, check it out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Romantic . Imagine, through Wikipedia, I've found out that the best bands of the U.S./U.K. have commonality and - a name! That's one satisfying light bulb going off.

When surfing for info on these bands, I see more and more interrelationships than ever and it's pretty cool - a "six degrees of separation" kind of thing. For example, imagine my surprise when I heard that two awesome 80s bands that I think have a lot in common stylistically - Level 42 and Johnny Hates Jazz - collaborate in the 00s. Or how China Crisis consider Brian Eno (cool) and David Bowie (super-cool) some of their influences. Or how David Sylvian/Japan (Awesome) charted the course for what Duran Duran (Phenomenal) would accomplish. There needs to be somebody with too much time on his hands that's building a big diagram... (I wish)[End rant.]

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