05 May 2008

Postmodernism contributes to release of Cole terrorists

From The Online Urban Dictionary:

"The word for May 05 is pomo-
Abbreviation for postmodernism. Usually hostile.
The journal took a pomo turn round about 1990, but it seems to have recovered since. "

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multislacking: doing multiple slackeresque things concurrently
workahol: what workaholics are addicted to

Cagey in with a quick one today. Learned via talk radio that Yemeni terrorists who took part in the USS Cole attack several years ago were released from prison in Yemen. The Yemeni government will not extradite prisoners due to provisions in their constitution. My concern is the creep of postmodernism and political correctness: the Yemeni judge who released them is hitting us with our own medicine. Here's what supposedly happened in a nutshell:

The Yemeni judge saw fit to release the prisoners because they were "graduates of an anti-radicalist therapeutic program." Before you foment, I remind you again that I haven't corroborated this. At any rate, if this is true, then in our current P.C. posture, our current use of P.C. as an excuse for EVERYTHING, then HOW, mind you, do we argue against this claim at rehabilitation? We are as bad offenders at anyone on this, what - with reintroducing repeat offenders into the population (without deportation, especially egregious with regard to the release of illegal immigrant drunk drivers).

So, I hate to say it, but I find this terribly ironic. These terrorists are getting away with murder for many reasons (e.g. a middle eastern nation reluctant to decry Jihadism), but this makes me think that postmodern values - the same values which have watered down everything we used to find offensive, like tearing down the cross - have amplified P.C.ness. Groups like the ACLU specialize in vilifying anyone with Christian beliefs or conservative practices, and favor deviants.

Again, that claim was that "these men were graduates of an anti-radicalist course." You expect me to believe that terrorism can be "cured" as with alcoholism, drug addiction, or other afflictions? Postmodernism: Right and wrong are relative, tax-funded social welfare pork can fix all problems, and we can't call problems what they are at the risk of offending others.

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