28 November 2008


Ah, heartwarming to be enjoying the the holidays again (HalloGivMas - the 122 day secular retail merchants' celebration in the United States)! I like headlines that speak for themselves. (Thank you to Fishin' Jay.) Greed is worse in this country than ever, due to the abundance of cheap crap and, me. That's right. The problem is "Me, me, me."

It gets worse. People are dying on the frontlines. Shopping is a death-sport similar to what you'd see in The Running Man or roller-derby. Although I can't put the brakes on the self-destructive side of our culture, I wrote this letter to the National Retail Federation as a relief valve.

Ms. Mullin, mullint@nrf.com:

As an executive with the National Retail Federation, I am calling on you to use your leadership and influence to help end the kinds of conditions in the marketplace which engender greed - and today, MADNESS. The Wal-Mart stampedes are inexcusable: People are being killed annually on ‘Black Friday’, a now commonplace term for not only average consumers and journalists, but ironically enough - as advertising fodder for marketeers - who now propagate the cult horror theme we originally used for ironic humor - in their latest slick ads.

The death of people in these circumstances is an enormous black eye on American retail/consumer culture which is not improving. All citizens have responsibility for the betterment of the nation; not only do our government leaders need to take a role, but our civilian leaders need to stop promoting a self-centered existence and savage society.



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