27 December 2008

Mini-review of the film 'Kill Switch'

Yes, go rent it already.

How could someone be a registered member of the Seagal forum and then just go off and call Kill Switch a bad movie? It was a blast. I loved Steven's "ghetto south" persona and accent. The directing/production was pretty cutting edge for the established limits of the film (don't think this was a theatrical release vice a home entertainment release). The story was entertaining and not just "pulp." Music, lighting, sets, acting, everything deserves a healthy critical eye, not a slam like "This movie was bad."

The best was the climax - the rock 'em sock 'em boss fight at the end - unnecessarily extreme and a atrociously joyous surprise. Justice is a dish served best with ball peen hammers. Noticed the film was done in Canada - has this been the norm lately?Thank you Steven & co. for another fantastic film.

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