08 December 2008

The Neo Gettysburg Address

Is it sad to see an essay as profound as the Gettysburg Address distilled into a single PowerPoint slide?
I'm increasingly thinking that the m.o. for the modern generation is throw out deep knowledge and osmose concepts, which I believe is going to limit my capability to write anything paling in comparison to the passionate and elequent letters near the time of the American Civil War.
I'm doing my best to catch up on reading in one of my classes. In one volume, a historian lamented on the changes in understanding vs. merely processing information. As I was pressed for time due to all my assigned reading, I'm ironically thinking, "Get to the point!" Really the point was the old adage, "Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it." Obviously. I wish I were a full-time student as I would be more inclined to osmose more.
With regard to making time for undertaking such things: I try not to make excuses when I miss an event. I now say, "I didn't make time to do 'x'," instead of "I didn't have time to do 'x'." The sheer symbolic enormity of having 60 books to read is a great figurative ammo box to mount my offensive against the procrastination of reading them.

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