20 January 2009

It's a celebration with Cagey: "After The Fire" - Roger Daltrey


Update 9/09: original video is down - I have to use this duet with Sinead O' Connor instead :(

Regarding the incredible good news which beset my current tempest, I want to say to everyone that I have never forgotten where I came from (Thanks, N.S.) and now I have a fighting chance! A few quotes which keep me going:

"There is no shame in failure, there is only shame in quitting."
"Success is in the attempt."
"Fear is conquered by perfect love."
"Ad astra per aspera."

Only one thing is left to do: rocking out with 80s legend Roger Daltrey. (If the video would ever load.) It's always great to celebrate high times with 80s tributes.

Certain doors closed for me but others were opened. Meanwhile for this bit of good news, there has been an outpouring of emotion from around the globe. In the meantime, I'm pouring a small glass of Yamazaki 18 year. Thank you everyone... I'll keep you posted...

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