23 March 2009

Article: 'Normalizing Key to Political Correctness' by William Lind


This is one of the most important and controversial articles you will ever read on Grey Complex. The precis: William Lind writes about the chilling modern practice of 'normalization' of radical behavior. Alarmingly, one of the milieu most unenlightening w.r.t. freedom of thought is said to be the college campus. Lind examines P.C.'dom's philosophic roots and offers a solution in the "conscious intellect." No matter how on/off the mark it may be, it's worth reading.


As students on any politically correct campus know, this is no longer how it works. What he gets instead is personal vilification, threats, and sometimes charges before some college kangaroo court, all accompanied by a howling chorus of whatever PC "victims" group he has dared "offend." Political Correctness itself is subject to no rational examination or critique; it must be accepted as a given, like the facts that the earth is flat and the moon is made of green cheese.
How then does political correctness advance itself in an academic setting, if it will not engage in rational discourse? The answer is, through psychological conditioning.


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