29 March 2009

No more sheep's clothing: Missouri Fusion Center calls right 'terrorists'



If you hadn't heard (which wouldn't be a stretch because news like this goes underneath the radar), everyone from larger online and print media outlets (e.g. 'Drudge') to blogs picked up a story about the Missouri Fusion Center writing a report which recklessly associated libertarians with terrorists. This would include a major candidate like Ron Paul, and so if you decided to vote "None of the Above" in the previous election because you thought Candidate A and Candidate B were equally unpalatable, well, this would put you in the category of a militia-man or terrorist.

See the report for yourself: http://documents.scribd.com/docs/1xduds3zv8npsq67kt0c.pdf

Some of the most notorious indicators to watch for:
- Christian identity
- Anti-immigration

From what I read, the governor of Missouri distanced himself from the report.

Patrick Wood of The August Review wrote: “For unsuspecting law enforcement personnel, this MIAC training document polarizes unsuspecting [law enforcement] officers to fear peaceful, law-abiding citizens and greatly increases the risk of armed confrontation. For instance, a routine traffic stop would be escalated if the officer observes a Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin bumper sticker on the rear bumper of the car. The mere possession of printed material such as the US Constitution or Bill of Rights would be viewed as subversive, even though most officers are required to take an oath to ‘defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States’ as a condition of their employment.”

Missouri state Representative Jim Guest reportedly said he was "shocked and outraged" at the MIAC report, which Wood stated implies “paints him and many other elected state leaders, as a potential threats to law enforcement… Instead of focusing on actual criminal incidents of ‘home-grown’ terrorism, the MAIC report instead lists issues that it believes are common to the threats it perceives.”

Do some second-level analysis: Consider what's fresh from the stove on CNN and Newsweek right now: The "Meltdown of Rush etc. ad nauseam." The Orwellian 'Fairness Doctrine'. How long before an official calls Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage a terrorist? With anti-conservative sway in full motion, I am very curious as to what will be done to top this travesty now that editorializing is sanctioned as intelligence.

This report had an extensive liberal bias. As radio/t.v. host Glenn Beck says regarding a new grassroots 9/12 he popularizes http://www.the912project.com/: "Let's stop arguing about the Republicans and the Democrats. Let's stop tearing George Bush apart or putting him on a pedestal. Let's stop doing the same thing to Barack Obama. Let's talk about the principles that built this nation. Let's talk about the principles that when they're rediscovered and applied every day by individuals in this country, we will then know who to vote for and who to give our power to in Washington because we'll know and they'll know."

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