18 March 2009

Quote of the day

According to my horoscope today (Pisces), "Today is about building your emotional core strength. If you take what other people say too seriously, it will throw you off balance. Listen for the validity in every comment, but stay centered on what you know is right."

I think that's good advice. I'm not entirely superstitious, but isn't it funny how people have a knack for telling you something important at the right time you need to hear it? What gives you away?

I was on vacation last weekend and a guy pulled up to the brew haus driving the sweetest little VW bus I'd ever seen. Even though I was about to boogey on back home, I'm into classic cars and I just had to stop and look. It was red and creme colored, polished beautifully, and even had real wooden fenders. There were U.S.M.C. and some Vietnam stickers on the windows [I've read up quite a bit on the men of Vietnam lately] and a consummately loyal looking dog inside. Without question, the bus was a real head-turner. I had to share my appreciation with him. We saw her "undergarments," which were also perfectly polished. He seemed to be very happy to show her off. I complimented the couple again and we walked away, he to the bar, and I to a relatively empty airport.

You may recall that lately I've hit some rough patches. Well, walking away and seemingly for no reason this wizened vet told me, "You do the best you can and that's all you can do." Having an idea of what he has been through, that lightened my load that day. Hopefully I do the same for someone soon.

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