01 March 2009

Tour of Duty

Check out this great fan-site on the phenomenal Vietnam War t.v. series, 'Tour of Duty.'


"The series was best appreciated not only for its illustration of the tragedies of the war but also for its portrayal of the personal lives of the individual platoon members and their interaction with each other," according to the site's commentary.  Music - phenomenal. the music, for what it was in the 1980s, is full of layered synth, pan flute (think how half the Karate Kid soundtrack came off), evoking many moods extremely well.  Pay attention to it. 

 I really loved the platoon sergeant "Zeke" and the lieutenant, love the nickname "L.T."  Unfortunately, season two brought waaaayyy too much romance between L.T. and some nurse babe, but at least other dimensions in human relationships were acknowledged.  Vietnam is such a painful moment of our living history.  God bless all the veterans.

One more note on Tour of Duty -
I'm not into war shows, nor war movies, with the exception of documentaries or things like the Dirty Dozen.  They're just too depressing.  I can't really get all these kids out there that like the ultra-realistic shoot 'em up games.  Now it's fine and dandy if they want to go enlist, but know what you're getting into, for all that is holy.  I'll find the clip art one day, there's a classic one, of a scene from the game Call of Duty captioned, "The U.S. Army:  Like Call of Duty, except you can really die."

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