20 April 2009

Brace yourselves for commie freako impact...

You've caught me in a grim mood, genteel reader.

My inbox this weekend had the makings of a big anti-American wallop in the works, a harbinger of unabashed iconoclasm well in the open:

1. Hate crimes statutes, a.k.a. thought crimes, (call them what they REALLY are) are percolating again. This screams against reason. Every crime is committed with a degree of hatred toward law and order. Why should there be double jeopardy for something done with an evil or at least untoward end in the first place? This threat stifles free speech, and sets a nihilistic snowball in motion toward 'everything's relative', 'if it feels good, do it.' No problem there - but anything counter to opening the floodgates in the spirit of said 60s mantra, then you're intolerant, and must defend against a label rather than advance with reason. A popular tactic of the scions of community organizing.

2. Jesus missing from speech: Why did The White House request the symbol representing Jesus be covered at the President's speech at Georgetown last week? At least The Sermon on the Mount was mentioned in the President's speech. Crickets.

3. Gov't vs. USMC: Look at the so-called Haditha massacre. Your troops are becoming scapegoated for doing their jobs and will need to henceforward second guess all of their battlefield decisions based on the fear of being prosecuted. Not a good situation to be in. May have been a similar instance with the SWAT vs. the evil CA parolee two weeks ago (the parolee killed 4 officers). I'm told the police followed restrictive ROE which made them less able to act, because heaven knows everytime a thug is killed, it's the fault of vindictive policemen. Lt Col Chesani has been absolved at least twice for any wrongdoing. How is it in the govt's best interest to spend this much time and resources trying to convict one of their own, and a war-hero?

4. Targeting right-wing speech: This exceptionally stupid report was another politically motivated attack on conservatism (see earlier post, 'Fusion Centers'). Napolitano, a former governor of the state of Arizona, could have done more, much more to stem the flow of invaders from south of the border during her tenure, but acted contrary to the wishes of her constituency based on personal politics - unethical and absurd. Now she's DHS? Good job.

Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton was crowned Miss USA on Sunday, but the big story to come out of the normally politics-free telecast was Miss California's comments regarding gay marriage. When asked by judge Perez Hilton, an openly gay gossip blogger, whether she believed in gay marriage, Miss California, Carrie Prejean, said "We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite. And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that's how I was raised." Keith Lewis, who runs the Miss California competition, tells FOXNews.com that he was "saddened" by Prejean's statement.

So she was asked a loaded question by a pervert, responded in kind with her beliefs, and will probably be targeted by '1' and '4' above. I tell you what, friends: It's a race to the bottom. Any reasonable person should be outraged at the swirling cloud of anti-reason looming in. So brace yourselves. At least Miss U.S.A.'s standing up for normalcy, and maybe bought one more week for those of us that would like to speak out in public for the American way.

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