13 April 2009

Aboot that last post, never mind (they were rescued) - wonderful!

Joes 4, Pirates 0!

Did not see that coming. Bravo! It appears to me that details of the operation were well protected to ensure success from a mealy-mouthed media disaster.

To those who are having trouble keeping score, I submit this quote:

"Pirates, Ninjas, Navy Seals, Cowboys, Vikings, Terrorists... the rankings are all too complex for me to follow."

"Easy. Pirates were the no. 1 seed in the West bracket and Ninjas no. 1 in the East. But that was the last tournament.Since then the Navy Seals took the no. 1 seed in this years tourney and blew out the Pirates out of water. Vikings lack any sort of credible offense to beat the Pirates. And as for the Cowboys, they got too much locker room issues. How bout them Cowboys?"

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