27 May 2009

Article: "Anti-Americanism in Australia"

"The presidency of George W. Bush has elevated anti-Americanism to a global sport more popular in some quarters than World Cup Football. In 2004 Griffith University political scientist Brendon O'Connor noted that, because 'anti-Americanism' lacks a precise definition, what differentiates anti-Americanism from legitimate criticism of the United States 'is often confused or, in fact, deliberately distorted'. Interestingly, strongly anti-American comment frequently comes from individuals who follow American fashions, enjoy American music and benefit directly from American technology. People who pour contempt on Americans and their religious practices nevertheless admire Martin Luther King Jr., an American Baptist minister. Despite the obvious contradictions, individuals skilled in the abusive art of condemning an entire nation of 300 million people, clearly vent huge amounts of personal anger when it comes to most things related to the United States."

Excerpt from "Anti-Americanism in Australia." www.abc.net.au
by Dennis Philipps

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