12 May 2009

Stupid media, dudes are for chicks

This story has everything: beauty, brains, good, evil...

The world (I mean the info-tainment fueled U.S. populace) waited on the edge of its seat for The Donald, owner of the Miss USA pageant, to announce the fate of the beauty queen Carrie Prejean, on whether her crown would be taken based on a smear campaign of lingerie photos that were leaked to discredit her, and partially, but ostensibly of primary/proximate cause for her refusal to agree with gay marriage when asked the loaded question at the Miss USA finals.

This was an affront to a minute yet very obnoxious American ghey minority who has everything to do about the breakdown of moral society.

Trump is the master of PR; in fact, his show "The Apprentice" earned him renewed icon status and D-cred for his ability to coldly deliver a message.

(So did his epic battle last year against the Jabba-like creature Rosie O'Donnell. Article: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/108721/rosie_odonnell_vs_donald_trump_the.html?cat=2)

Here, Donald breaks it down.

"If she were a very nice looking young woman, if she were an average woman, if she were an average man, if she were a great looking man, it wouldn't have mattered, nobody would have cared because this subject has been discussed by everybody from politicians, presidents, everybody. If Carrie weren't so beautiful, this would never have come," said Trump. "Carrie is totally beautiful, and her answer, because of that, took on greater importance. Unfortunately, that's the way the press works. You should be ashamed of yourselves."

Trump also defended the answer Prejean gave at the April 19 Miss USA pageant. She was asked her view of marriage by blogger Perez Hilton. Prejean said she believes marriage is between a man and a woman. "It's the same answer the president of the United States gave," Trump said. "It's the same answer many people gave. She gave an honorable answer. She gave an answer from her heart, and I think for that she has to be commended."

Kind of a slow press day. Crickets. Nobody will challenge Trump on his key point: that the sitting president has announced the same view. The media doesn't dare challenge its darling, and didn't get its bloody carcass, so they're horde-ing on over to the next non-story to infotain you. Family values live to survive another day, but they're going to have to keep looking over their shoulders for the next hit-man. Fascinating. "All the world's a stage."

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