31 May 2009

Tonight Show turns over reins

Late nite regime change! We otherworlders who stay up past Eleven O'Clock know well who the pictured kings of late nite t.v. are. I started watching Carson at eight on an old black and white t.v.; truly a different type of comedy, a different era. Maybe more debonair.
Saw Jay Leno's last show last Friday. Good guy!

My main observation: Jay had ~ 1 1/2 min. standing ovation and said something like, "We need to get the show started!" Johnny Carson had ~ 8 min. ovation was speechless and in tears.
To what would you account this vast difference? A more malleable crowd? Cultural ennui? Everything ennui? Johnny's crowd refused to sit and be quiet; Jay's seemed to be "Meh." "Generation Whatever."
Each generation will have its heroes.

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