08 May 2009

You have to know when blood is in the water and that blood is yours

American free-thought alert! (Act now while supplies last, I'll be on a watch-list until I surrender my ethics.) I'm also a discriminator. That's right, I make choices every day, even about right and wrong, and thus I discriminate. (And anyone who discriminates is guilty of being prejudiced, and anyone who is prejudiced is unfair, and anyone who is unfair is a bad person...)

Carrie Prejean, a.k.a. Miss California, showed great wisdom in declining taking part in the filming of a new public service announcement fawning over the great "diversity" of California. The effort was touted as an idea to help repair the image of the California - now propaganda disguised as pageantry. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,519468,00.html

When diversity is perversity, and nobody speaks how they really feel, you're wise to stay out of the chum-filled water. That tart standing next to you is not your chum but you are standing in chum. If diversity is to be so prized in this country, e.g. a free marketplace of ideas, then why are all the discontented newspapermen, political machines et.al. so opposed to a non-gay viewpoint?

We no longer cry for unity - maybe because the Cold War is over? - but only the empty drone of "Diversity." The more it's repeated, the less we question it. Diversity training exists in almost every institution today. But why and to what extent - that people with what were once considered to follow societal mores, such as aversion to perversion - are marginalized and unable to stand on any legitimate position without vilification in the American mass media. (See my earlier post on normalizing political correctness, http://makalakapisei.blogspot.com/search?q=normalizing).

More and more I'm starting to think I, like many of these idiots in California, was a victim of cultural programming in high school when I was taught that McCarthyism is a bad thing: It was the blacklisting of Communist sympathisers in Hollywood. The domestic reactions to the Cold War were an overall cultural rejection of the moral iconoclasm that is so prominent today. The pendulum has swung in the other direction and as I've heard, there is this sort of "reverse McCarthyism going on in America." We'll save Britain for another post.

Diversity has become... perversity.

Keith Lewis, co-director for Miss California USA says, " We are just trying to move forward in what is the best way for the organization, the women, the titleholder and the state. Carrie is still Miss California USA, but right now she is not acting in the capacity of Miss California USA. She is acting as Carrie Prejean and working on things that are important to Carrie Prejean."

Diversity has become... perversity.

Miss California isn't entitled her opinion, and the loudest and most obnoxious have turned on her. I don't know how anyone can resist this drumbeat of cultural re-programming, from public schools to the new concept that the "United States never was a Christian nation." http://www.google.com/search?q=the+united+states+was+never+a+christian+nation&hl=en&rlz=1T4GPEA_enUS307US307&start=20&sa=N

I've read some points that expose the truth of the matter on the Prejean controversy, and I'll end this entry with them.


IonBeam2: Gay people already have the right to enter into something that they can call whatever they want to- including marriage. It's when they force everyone else to call it marriage when the problem arises.

HotLonelyTeenageGirl: But there were plenty of ways to politically sidestep that question, but she's another dumb ass blonde bigot parroting the same shiat that her parents drilling into her head.

Steelpeg: So, the younger generations believe that being "politically correct" is more important than voicing a person's true beliefs and free speech. And she is a "dumb ass blonde bigot" because she doesn't share your beliefs in ghey marriage? Do you know her? Do you even know her parents? Do you even know the definition of bigot? You are sounding like a pot calling the kettle black.You've even got that liberal Roland Martin on CNN advocating Carrie Prejean's right for free speech and dissing her detractors for how they are acting - CNN (new window). But Roland is probably a bigot too. Carrie did nothing wrong, she was asked what she thought and give an honest opinion. It was a stupid question asked just to forward a judge's own agenda. I know, lets just get a ghey judge to ask a question to Miss California, who happens to attend a Christian College, a question on allowing ghey marriages that was recently put before the voters and rejected in an election in California 52% to 48%. Why not just have David Duke ask her about minority rights? Or how about the CEO of planned parenthood asking about her opinion on abortion? How about illegal immigration questions from an illegal immigrant? Loaded questions do not belong in a "beauty contest".

Atomic Spunk: Homosexuality is a choice. As a society, we have the right to discriminate against groups of people who make choices we don't believe in. Homosexuals should never be allowed to marry. A majority of people in this country believe the same way I do. It's useless to debate this because everyone has their minds made up, and their is no convincing argument one way or the other.

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