06 July 2009

Best editorial on the Michael Jackson pomp and circumstance

"The whole thing concluded the only way it could - in a resounding blast of grotesque but compelling publicity for a figure who had become all that he had become - the king and the imprisoned, the adored and the humiliated, the accused and the indulged - because of publicity. Jackson had been publicised to death. As soon as he died, the response came in the form of pure publicity, an almost relieved acceptance that finally the damned thing had at last been resolved."

"He was no good to us alive, falling apart physically and mentally, making repeated attempts to repair his image and reputation, reminding us again and again that the neurotic energy, dangerous perfectionism and desperate ambition he'd turned into dazzling, video-age show business had eventually turned back on him and started to eat him up."

"There was only one real way to rescue Jackson from the enduring pain of decline and reclusiveness."

Excerpted from "The untimely, Shady death of Michael Jackson" by Paul Morley

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