06 August 2009

Are you a just a leaf in a stream?

I enjoyed this discourse between radio host Dr. Michael Savage and a caller - "John" from New York City. In this transcript, Dr. Savage used a simple but beautiful analogy on free will and religion, and the sense of a powerful communication being made was very clear. Beyond the caller, I wonder how many listeners pondered the exchange.

Hr. 3 22:03, 27 July 09

Caller John: “My personal belief is however the universe works, whatever happens to us is just that, whatever happens - happens irrespective of whatever belief system we believe in.”

Dr. Michael Savage: “So you think you are just a leaf in a stream going downstream and there's nothing you can do as a leaf.”

J: “I'm sorry?”

S: “You believe you are like a leaf and thrown into a stream and you are just moving along and you have no effect upon the stream itself.”

J: “I have an effect on this world if I choose to but not...”

S: “You’re saying you have no free identity and no free association? You can't make your life become what it should be? You can't alter situations and affect the outcome of your life?”

J: “I certainly can, but not after death... as I said, however the…”

S: “Wait wait wait I wanna I want to back up on this, because many people think they're just leaves in a stream, and they have no effect on their destiny.

J: “Just because you believe in Christianity, it's up to the universe...”

S: “Do you believe your acts while you're living will have any impact on what happens afterwards?”

J: “I don't know, but I will tell you I definitely try to do the right thing in life just in case.”

S: (Laughing) “There’re many reasons to do the right thing, some of them are based on selfish motives such as... [unknown] Just in case I happen to subscribe to that as well... I want to gamble that there is a judgment day, not necessarily because I'm such a good person!”

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