14 August 2009

Article & Commentary: School prayer charges stir protests

See article: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/aug/14/criminal-prayer-case-stirs-protests/?page=1

Commentary by "Jaeger"

"The ACLU, via its distortion of the Constitution and the heavy-handed cooperation of Judge Rogers, has managed to turn Santa Rosa County School District into their little police state, replete with stool pigeons, snitches, and informers spying on student body members, teachers, and local officials for any information for which they can use to strengthen their chokehold on this peaceful, most livable of communities."

"If Mr. Lay and Mr. Freeman are imprisoned under the auspices of some gross perversion of constitutional law, then it is very clear that this is not the America that our forefathers fought to uphold, strengthen, and defend with all that they had. If this should happen at the hands of this activist judge, then it is time for the states to reevaluate their relationships vis a vis the federal government and its oppressive judiciary. "

"The time has come for citizens to take a stand against the oppression of radical secularist groups such as the ACLU who have taken the courts from being forums of justice to becoming their instruments of imposing their values upon others via this legal terrorism. A ruling by such a federal judge as this should be rightly nullified by the State of Florida immediately, and Florida should use its state and county police to resist U.S. Marshals from taking Mr. Lay and Mr. Freeman into incarceration."

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