23 August 2009

Feature: Quotation mark madness!!!

Needing guidance when using quotation marks? I LOVE THIS!!!

SURELY this author is the 9th degree grandmaster of punctuation, the "Neo" of grammatical usage!

653 "Single quotation marks are used to punctuate a quotation within a quotation. Double and single quotation marks are alternated in order to distinguish a quotation within a quotation within a quotation."

"I never read 'The Raven'!"
"Did you hear him say, 'I never read "The Raven" '?"


-Excerpted from Writer's INC, 1990, Write Source Educational Publishing House

Marvel at the little quotation marks dancing around with such precision in this most trying of situations. These guys are such underdogs - and so easily misunderstood. Despite seeing them move with such affective grace here, I suffer to see them treated with such disregard these days...

655/656/657 "Periods and commas are always placed inside quotation marks. An exclamation mark or a question mark is placed inside quotation marks when it punctuates the quotation; it is placed outside when it punctuates the main sentence. Semicolons or colons are placed outside quotation marks."


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