08 November 2009

Cagey's "Country Boy" Vegetable Chowder

Comrades, we're taking a break from current events, pop culture and the humanities tonight to talk about what's on the bachelor stove. Specifically, today we're talking about what should be coming out of your kitchen. Are you warming up things? Do you like your cooking to be subtle yet powerful?

Have you heard the story of stone soup? It's a rock, and water.

The twist essentially - is the verisimilitude of ingredients. Everyone ends up amazed how fantastic stone soup can be once you plop in some schtuff. I believe the lesson was on individual contributions, but today it'd probably be diversity. Nevertheless, bachelor cooking is swell and I have chosen to share one of my best recipes. You will need:

- Can, cream of celery soup
- Milk (1 canful required)
Cook the soup normally. Separately, bring a half-filled pot of water to a boil. Add:
- 10+ baby carrots
- 4+ new poatoes
- 1/2 onion, chopped
- 1/4+ green pepper
This alone suffices heartily. Back to dragging logs up mountainsides.
- 4 slices fresh prosciutto (strongly recommended)
- 1/2 handful mushrooms
- Old Bay seasoning, a few shakes
- 1 unit of garlic
- Rachel Ray
Voila! Voici vous avez un dejeuner magnifique! Eat it right from the stove with a big ladle.

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