29 November 2009

Potpourri - "The path ahead is without stations or timetables"

I. A new 80s video for your advancement in post-graduate 80s studies:

"The Thin Red Line" in film and literature has represented defensive maneuver and resistance from a "thinly spread military unit." "The first use of the expression referred to the resistance by the red-coated 93rd (Highland) Regiment of the United Kingdom in the Crimean War." (Wikipedia) The Glass Tiger namesake vid hearkens back to other 80s ballads, I'm thinking Cutting Crew in particular.

II. Film: OHorten - 7/10 (Very good)
Thoroughly enjoyed this off-beat Norwegian film from 2008, especially for its aesthetic. I used to be the first to step around symbolism like a superstitious kid jumping over cracks; too much seems pretentious. Even though symbolism is the main expository-creative device in this film, it's not overthought, not overused, and is a pleasant experience and an artistic statement. Collectively, OHorten stands out like it's trying to be a portrait in an art show. We open quietly: Hurtling through a frozen hinterland, in and out of tunnels, the eponymous hero of the film makes his penultimate trip. Streaking through familiar territory and a life afforded the comforts of routine, we are quickly aware that OHorten's transition is going to become extraordinary. To me, the train is the most elegant metaphor for change, and therefore is an original and intriguing pairing of subject to plot. The soul of OHorten is a vagabond finding home.

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