18 January 2010

Don't end up in "the welfare line of the mind"

The headline quote comes from my mentor. Sage advice on the new year from nationally renowned radio host Michael Savage, America's philosopher.

January 1, 2010

Memories Dreams and Reflections was written by Jung of course… And good radio is good radio, provided that the personality… the variety of the personality, it depends on the personality. You could do politics until you were blue in the face, and people would not listen to you or they would listen to you depending on who you are and the delivery. If I were only to do politics, I would’ve left this job a long time ago. I am a communicator and I’ve been brought up to taught to admit what’s going on inside of me. And certainly not everything. If I told you everything, that would be the mark of insanity. But I admit doubt, I admit pain, I admit grief, I admit failure. I don’t think failure is dirty, like a disease. I admit failure in my life.

But I remember being taught as a young boy…

How many times have I told you this story about this guy, the bartender… the guy all the boys loved the most… He was a good man, everyone in the constellation of my father’s friends were decent men. No one “touched anyone” inappropriately.

This guy was a standout because he was unlike the rest of them, a tough guy, very unusual… A street-fighter wound up owning a bar, unusual. Quiet, soft-spoken, the nicest man on earth – the boys gravitated to him.

And I remember what he told us about what to expect in life. You can only wear one suit at a time; he used to tell us things like that… you don’t have to struggle to be rich. And then he would tell us things like, “Do you know how many times my rich friend has been down and had nothing? Three or four times and come back. He used to say things like, “He knew how to bounce back.” As a kid, you don’t know what bounce back means, but when you get older and you’ve been kicked a few times and you’re in the gutter of your soul, you have to learn to rise again like a phoenix. That’s a very tricky thing to do.
Most people get knocked down once and they never come back from it, do you know that? But what I’m saying to you – is a lot of things – and I don’t want to summarize with a quick jab at the end.
-Transcribed from a radio broadcast by the blog author

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