07 February 2010

The web's best analysis of Captain Harlock

Oh, the things we think of while walking around darkened ships.

"Captain Harlock is the first, and possibly the only animation heir to the long tradition of space opera tough and taciturn, competent heroes with a sketchy past that gave us the likes of Northwest Smith and Eric John Stark."
"Lean, scarred, melancholy, with a penchant for strong drinks and solitude, looking like he's just been kicked out of somewhere, Harlock is still such a strong character that not even his taking care of the token orphan (a '70s anime mainstay) throughout the series ruins the athmosphere.
And the fact that for a change we are travelling with someone that actually stops and asks himself 'How the heck did he end up into this apparently hopeless situation?' is also pleasantly refreshing."


Harlock is a different kind of protagonist, a CODE HERO (link pops), or a defiant hero with few surface indications of antipathy toward life's errand.

Who likes perfect heroes?

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