15 April 2010

Is God unconstitutional yet?

An earlier QOTD from March 9th:

"The stupid lawsuit culture is only destroying the economy of America as it is a non-productive industry."

Not like you need much reinforcement in knowing this, but I'd like to take it a step further and state that the stupid lawsuit culture is also destroying the values and beliefs of America.  Americans, you do NOT need a law degree to understand that our endlessly tampering with the freedom to exercise religion is wrong from the get-go.  This is one reason I find the practice of modern law appalling, as you'll read in the article - one pulls a string farther and farther until not only the sweater unravels, but the thread itself has unravelled, complete iconoclasm, complete nihilism, complete deconstruction.  You accomplish nothing.  You don't further humanity.  You may "think" you understand something more fundamentally, it certainly takes a lot of "reason" (66 pages worth) in doing your part to smite the embers of religion. 
In the article, the infinitely wise Judge Crabb tries to reassure us that religion isn't bad, per se, but that she has decided, "through relevant case law," that government can't sponsor a day of prayer dating from 1952 (a time period in which, except for civil rights, the U.S. was a little more oriented toward common sense and decency). 
My bottom line is that the nearly constant incremental assaults on religion like this result in a country in which religion becomes alien.  When religion is alien, it is replaced by other ideas such as moral relativism, and then value judgments of good and bad are thrown out the window.   
Sidebar:  This reminds me of the paradox of atheism:  If they say they believe God doesn't exist without proving that God does not exist, doesn't that dismantle the idea that they can believe in anything? "Logically, we can't experience things outside of our realm of experience. You [atheists] claim to have knowledge of something beyond verification." - Stephen Richards
"What is it about atheists that we would spend so much time, attention, and energy refuting something that we don't believe even exists?! What causes us to do that?" - Marylyn Adamson
"Judge: Nat'l Day of Prayer Unconstitutional"  How does this benefit the greater good?
According to the article, all this decides is that government can't endorse prayer in a statute.  What is the point?!?!  We already have removed most traces of our Christian origins from view in the public domain, with the exception of church grounds and cemeteries.  Speech is still free. It is unconscionable to me that one person, ONE PERSON can make such a decree, as if she were a queen.  Legal eagles:  You need to reign in some of your mentally ill friends.  A personal message for Judge Barbara Crabb: "**** ** salty *****."

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