11 September 2011

10 years later

An artist's representation of the 9/11 memorial park at the Pentagon. 

   LISTEN to Michael Savage on 9/11/2001 (LINK).  Let it get you mad.  He had it right, and don't sugarcoat, it -WAS- OUR- Pearl Harbor. 

   Nice hearing rocker tributes all day on the radio.  "Don't mistake our kindness for weakness," said Tommy Shaw, among others. 

   I think about the "blow it all back to the stone age" vs. "precision targeting" and feel we have done a good job, with the exception of the relentless courts-martial against many combat personnel and overcomplicated rules of engagement.

    I was in Dahlgren when we got the word.  We raced back to Maryland and got down to work.  The next several weeks are hard to remember. 

President Bush with retired firefighter Bob Beckwith. Beckwith, 79, regained
his mantle during a spot decision, venturing to the disaster site in NYC.
Article: Firefighter tells story behind iconic moment with George W. Bush (LINK).

"...I want her to be as grateful as I am every day, to live in these great United States."  ~John Wayne


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