19 September 2011

Webbed foot capers

   Finally, FINALLY. Clear photographic evidence of an extraordinary event. If I were to merely tell you without showing you, surely you wouldn't believe me. I have seen this maybe five times in my life - same kind of stats you'd get playing the lotto. 

   The rare timing of these strange duck-chickens crossing the road while I'm driving through is nothing short of amazing, but there is one more funky piece to this: they cross using the crosswalk. For awhile, I kept my camera in my car just in case I'd have the luck to see it again, but for a time I didn't. During this period, I lost my regular camera and now only have my crummy cell phone camera.

   To increase the believability factor and to enhance everyone's experience, I made one of those magnification boxes like I'd suppose you see on CSI, or NCIS. Could I summon your help, readers, in figuring out what kind of fowl these are walking around my neighborhood in open defiance of cars? I searched the web for ‘spottled ducks’, but no joy. Without further ado:

[UPDATE, 21 SEP: "Muscovy Ducks" - strangely, not Muscovites, but W. Hemisphere natives]
Here they are again.  I've been to the Keys and Panama, so we're cool - I've seen this sort of thing, but around here, it's a phenomenon.

Pictured at the shopping center, these ducks clearly DGAF.

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