23 September 2011

Logophiles, unite!

Why do people ask, "Can I be honest with you?" when it's much better to ask, "May I be candid?" or "May I be frank?" or "May I speak to you without inhibitions?"


So, I found this note, written to myself, on my desktop today:

"Every wave, an impetus to move,"

Puzzling at first, but I think this was something about the relative suckitude of the greater Mudville area. Not sure if I was thinking about crime waves, waves of pain, social change, or etc. What's clear is that I need to move soon in order to grow.  Any interpretations?

[Update, 11 OCT:  The wave represents the months Jan.-Dec., which listed from top to bottom, resemble a wave, and too many months of me slogging down in Mudville.]

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