14 November 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

 Updated 19 NOV 11

  • 2000s Jaguar S-type
    Older, '90s style Jag, just as the beautiful
    lines and grill started coming off. 
       Which limp-wristed lisper decided to make the newer S-type Jaguars look so gottamned effeminate?  With the effete, heart-shaped/butt-shaped grill I guess I can understand why mechaphilia exists.  There is nothing masculine about this car whatsoever and little redeeming; I would be mortified to be seen driving this car; I'd have to hire a driver so I could duck down in the back seat.   
       If you were a store manager, and in consideration of your employees' sanity, would you have the courage to turn off the Christmas music that begins on November 1st during non-peak hours, while keeping it quiet from management?
  •   Sense experience that doesn't get enough consideration: the hearing of old mechanical sounds (LINK)
  •    "Worst First", (LINK) the idea to keep kids cooped in away from playgrounds, safe from the obsessive and incipient fear of unseen danger lurking everywhere, seems to be today's modus operandi of the Defense Department's leadership philosophy.                                           
  •   Finally, a quote of the day: "Liberalism is the f__t upon which wafts diversity."  (source Unknown)  Balkanization, and a lack of national unity and moral outrage is what leads to incidents like the elderly man attacked in Chicago, to the extremely tragic urban blight of Detroit.  I'm not inclined to give you an earth-shattering essay defending this statement (one: that's not my writing style, two: reductio ad absurdum), please don't think I'm here to harp on ethnicity or the issues of dogmatic multiculturalism; I'm talking about the kind of permissiveness, relativism, fear and one-dimensional thinking so entrenched in our culture which has set the conditions for all this to happen.  This bystander attitude.  Don't criticize.  It's at the heart of the school lunch debate going on right now:  yeah, limited government, health public policy and so forth, but could there be an inherent cultural sub-agenda coming from top down acknowledging that America's cultural vibrance is on a track to oblivion unless we get strong again?  Physically, as well as morally?

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