20 November 2011

Should a Hooters girl be allowed to speak to students at their school?

   Huge ripples in the internet yesterday on this question.  What's your opinion?  I say, "Yes, of course."

A now famous picture illustrating the concept between progressive feminist fantasy and reality.

   -The article in question: (LINK)

   -The best comments:
Great, a para-legal that THINKS she is a lawyer. Our economy, which is basically swirling around in the toilet, is being run in Washington by mostly lawyers. I would rather fire all of the lawyers, and para-legals, and put the Hooter's Girls in charge. I'm sure they could do a better job and certainly they will show more respect to the citizens of the USA. Unfortunately Ashley, you got your name in the SPTimes, which in this case is NOT a good thing. Because other parents will not agree with you, you have probably doomed
your son to ridicule. Good job.
Many a college student waited tables through college. Nothing wrong with learning customer service. keeping track of multiple tasks and team work.

   -The story of an amazing Hooters girl who made her way to Vice Presidency of the company: (LINK)

   -The quote by Dr. MLK, Jr.:

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