23 January 2012

Rand Paul, the next Rosa Parks?


Sen. Rand Paul, known for espousing libertarian values like his father, presidential candidate Ron Paul, was detained by TSA at the Nashville, Tennessee Airport today after a sensor presumably alerted on his leg.  When ordered to prepare for a pat-down, Paul refused and requested to return through the machine, to the ire of dronelike TSA security enforcers who called police.  When Paul asked to use his cell phone to call his lawyer,  he was told that he would be forced to endure a pat-down.  The entire debacle lasted over two hours, caused Paul to miss his flight and a speech before 200,000 U.S. citizens.  TSA and its leader, the failed Arizona governor Napolitano do not apply prudence when enforcing inspections, instead opting to make the process as difficult as possible and focusing their attention on scrutinizing the elderly, minors under ten years of age, and Medal of Honor recipients.
   Legal note: Article I, Section 6 of the Constitution provides general immunity for congressmen from being detained. A Republican, Sen. Paul did not show his credentials or demand special treatment given his political position, but stood his ground until he could be released. 

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