18 February 2012

Article: "Failing culture puts women in combat"

Author Maginnis lays it on the line by speaking up against the inverted totalitarianism of political correctness.  What interests me about the new dogma of women serving in combat roles are the human factors:  mens' natural inclination is to protect women, and women can be a distraction, which never gets reported anywhere.  In a generation or three, we will continue to sandblast common sense until it's erased from memory.

Received via the Center for Military Readiness, excerpted below.

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is right about one of the reasons women should not serve in combat, but such commonsense may come too late to keep our daughters from being forced into battle.
Last week Mr. Santorum said women should not serve in combat because men might be distracted from their mission by their “natural instinct” to protect women. He referred to camaraderie of men in combat and said the presence of women was “not in the best interest of men, women or the mission.”
His comments were prompted by the Pentagon’s announcement changing its ground combat exclusion policy to assign women to front line support jobs, like medics and radio operators. This is the latest in a multi-decade campaign of incremental changes that could compel the Supreme Court to require women to be included in a future draft.
We got to this point because feminists insisted, our leaders caved and our culture became so indifferent to violence against women that three-fourths now support the idea of women in direct combat.
           ~Robert Maginnis, writing for Human Events (online)

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