28 February 2012

Beware of people bowing to "liability"

I just heard that a marathon runner at the Cowtown Marathon in Texas was disqualified from winning a race he competed in because of wearing his partner's tag, as his partner dropped out of the race before it started. He didn't put up a fuss about being disqualified, but I will. One reader said, "It's a liability issue - can you imagine if he got sick?" Liabilty - please! Haven't you had it up to your ears with everything in life being a "liability issue"? Kids can't go sledding in public parks: it's a liability issue. Restaurants can't give food to the homeless: it's a liability issue. Liability this, liability that: life isn't getting to be much fun anymore, and people hesitate to make important decisions because of - liability. Overregulating everything has become the hallmark of American society, so much so, that if some kind of regulation doesn't exist on "What should I do in this situation?", people simply don't act, and it's absurd!

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