13 May 2012

Liberal reporters might face shattered world views

In April 2012, two journalists from the Virginia Pilot were attacked in hood central: Brambleton St. and the notorious Church St. in Awfulk, Virginia.  David Forster, 31, and his colleague, Marjon Rostami, 26, were assaulted, presumably after one "was seen locking his door" by an unruly looking mob of indiscriminately assembled youth with unknown cohort ties.  Some 100 attacked the pair, the news was repressed, treated as stale and largely hidden from view due to its classification as something other than the [hate] crime which it was.  Many commenting on this crime are painfully aware that this kind of attack under any other circumstances would have quickly vaulted to the top of the national infotainment [formerly known as "news"] cycle. 

All I'd like to know is:  How do the journalists feel?  Today's journalists are conditioned to take up the liberal mantle, to consider group distinctions as stereotypes, to champion the politics of race over substance. The politics of victimization are not in play - according to the police, the duo was in the wrong neighborhood and tacitly seem to say that the attack was the fault of the assaulted.  The establishment media would suggest that all parts of town are safe and friendly, that to think anything else or to follow an instinct is "discrimination" thus any kind of self-preservation instinct would be an -ism or they would be -ists; and that the only neutrality starts with a heavy left-bias.

However, how do the journalists feel now?  Still enamored of the left, that abandoned them?  All the feel-good things they were taught after one who kicked them shouted "Trayvon" in his -ist rallying cry?  Still kum-ba-yah?  Wondering why Al Sharpton or others didn't arrive to foment the circus and denounce the [hate] crime committed against them?
More here: http://www.wavy.com/dpp/news/local_news/norfolk/3-more-juveniles-charged-in-beating

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