21 August 2012

Article: Paul Ryan and the Return of Normal

(LINK) Paul Ryan and the Return of Normal

Are we still allowed to evoke normal? Not just any definition of normal, as progressives would have it, but the definition of normal. The definition based in undeniable truth and virtue. It might sound something like we hold these truths to be self-evident. The common man appears to be demanding its return -- Navy SEALs, Chick-fil-A customers, taxpayers, Tea Partiers, Catholics, gun owners, the caterer at an Obama event donning a Romney campaign shirt, the "Crumb and Get It" Cookie Shop who refused Joe Biden's photo-op, and the vendor who refused an EBT card for the same indulgent desserts other customers must purchase with hard-earned cash. The pitchforks are up. The common man cometh. He's seen "forward," and he wants normal back.

He is what we recall of our own youth, before progressive insanity began its creep -- family, church, guns, competition, a penny earned, integrity, the independent spirit, common sense, teachers who demanded respect and a media that earned it, the stars and stripes, and Mom's apple pie -- the blessing of good old, ordinary normal, warts and all. It naturally transcends race, class, and gender. It simply demands character, common sense, and some decent role models. And it's everything the left either rails against or attempts to redefine. It's encouraging, considering Ryan's relative youth, that such normal appears to have survived at all, let alone be on the verge of such a dynamic comeback.

Excerpted from: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/08/paul_ryan_and_the_return_of_normal.html#ixzz24EqIqNcR

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