30 August 2012

Atheists continue to push the envelope on stupid

On atheists initiating lititgation against a high school football coach after he took his team to a church for free breakfast:

JR Dieckmann

Maybe Andrew Seidel knows of some Establishment Clause other than the one in the 1st Amendment of our Constitution? If so, I haven’t seen that one. This one says that “Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion.” I would be most interested in Mr. Seidel revealing exactly what law Congress passed, and when they passed it, that required this football team to skip breakfast at the church.
This is not the first time I have written about this grievous error being made by God hating atheists. The 1st Amendment was not written for football teams, it was written for Congress. It was written to assure freedom of religion in this country without restrictions from the federal government. Would Seidel take the same position if it applied to Muslims? Most of us would like to see Islam eradicated from our country, but we have to respect the rights granted to Muslims under our 1st Amendment.
Our current administration seems to be encouraging Muslims to exercise their freedom of religion in our country, even though it is in direct conflict with our culture and our laws. But then Islam is not a religion, it is a foreign ideological form of government which includes religion, the very thing that our Constitution prohibits our government from doing. Doesn’t this represent a double standard? No one is forcing religion on atheists. We see this kind of thing all too often where atheists use the 1st Amendment to justify doing exactly what the 1st Amendment was written to protect against. The 1st Amendment is quite simply a prohibition on Congress telling them what they cannot do.


Thesauros said...

As a Canadian, I certainly can't speak with any authority on the American Constitution. But from what I understand, the atheist movement has twisted the meaning of the 1st and no one (out of fear? intimidation? personal ignorance?) of influence has called them on it.

Good post.

cagey said...

Appreciate the comment, thanks for stopping by. BTW, I am renewing my passport just so I can venture up to Canada one of these days!