01 September 2012

Comments on Eastwood at the GOP convention

Yes, it was a 'Fistful of Awesome' to paraphrase DNC shill Jon Stewart.  Some commentary:
"The Obama camp should be linking this to every donor and every Democratic voter!"

"Yes, because the Republican Party is, too. It's a scathing indictment of Obama. Even John can't spin his way out of this piece of avant-garde theater. Obama has failed the country. Time to replace him. Clint made it clear we all hoped he'd succeed, but he didn't. We all had tears on Inauguration Day. Did he really have such great plans? Well, now we know. It's been a disaster ever since. Full control of Congress for two years resulted in a $716B raid on Medicare (according to CBO), the biggest tax increase in history (according to Supreme Court), and nearly a $$ billion in crony capitalism flushed away in phony 'stimulus' to Democratic pals (e.g. Pelosi pal running Solyndra got $535 million). Then there's Fast and Furious, Gitmo, and 42 months of unemployment above 8%. Bless Clint Eastwood."

"Clint is not a cookie cutter party member. He was expressing what he believes. His point about Afghanistan is that you dont need to score points with the electorate by giving out a timetable. Just do it. Getting out of Iraq was the right thing and we need to just get out of Afghanistan. And he joked about Obama being an attorney. But wait, liberals say, doesnt senile Clint realize that Romney has a law degree??"

"Except that Romney got an MBA at the same time and went into business while Obama became a lawyer of sorts. So Clint's comment makes more sense. Hes 82 farking y.o. I dont care if all of his ideas line up with either partys platform, his ideas are worth listening to because he figures things out for himself, unlike 99% of Farkers. And he nailed Joe Biden - a grin with a body behind it. If Clint rambled for 2 hours, hes better than 60 seconds of 'yall in chains' Biden."

And the remarks were given without the

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