25 October 2012

About that dream last night...

After a good workout, I finally had some restful sleep. Last night's dream: For her gratitude of my trying out for a t.v. show, I'd been given by Jennifer Lopez two worn rare 1930s posters,one of a maja singer in Spain and the other of a big jazz performance. These two posters were supposedly able to fetch a lot of cash so I took them to the 'hood (downtown Snorefolk) for appraisal. Then came a problem, I was set to travel overseas and had an hour to get them back, because the antique rock and roll store wouldn't safeguard them - didn't have security measures. What themes are present? Tons! - Desire for travel - Rapprochement for things to do with Spanish language, post-operation SAMSONITE - Recapitulation of desire to tend bar in a jazz club - Maybe some recent bad experiences in others being relied upon to get the job done - Maja soap - Carmen Tórtola Valencia - flamenco femmes fatales with fans???

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