10 December 2012

Insanity reigns on "Black Friday"

As Dave Barry says, if you're shopping now, in the '80s, you would've been all right.    Today, you're weeks late.  Next year, you'll be gulping down your turkey leg or eating it in line.

"The new Thanksgiving tradition is to gulp down your dinner, then race to the mall and join the vast swarming hordes of bargain-hunters getting into fistfights over discounted electronics. And it’s going to get worse, as Black Friday Backward Creep continues. Soon the stores will open at noon Thursday; shoppers will eat their Thanksgiving dinners while waiting in line for the store doors to open — thousands of people squatting on the sidewalk outside Target gnawing on turkey legs, like a scene from a zombie movie, only not as festive."
I realize this isn't timely, but I cheered when I saw this video, which is the whole reason behind this post. You HAVE to watch this video. What's in a name? The origin of Black Friday comes from a phrase, "in the black", which means the store has sufficient funds to operate. "In the red" would indicate coming out with a net loss. Previously, I thought black was a symbolic reference to the nature of man during this time, probably many others do.

"Formality in manners; flexibility in dealings."

^ More of what this we need. This thought came to me while driving the other day. Polite society is broken. Remember Ghostbusters 2. (Or was it the original?)

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