19 February 2013

DIY: How to reinstall the pad for the Swiffer Sweeper Wet Jet mop

These things are great for bachelor-Americans: plastic and shiny out of the box, disposable and of limited use after gathering dust and forgetting the directions.  It's good they have some visible warnings - like "don't insert finger" in the robotic solution bottle impaler.  Reminds me of a blood-letting device from the Middle Ages, but still very tempting.

It looked easy enough to bring back out of retirement.  Purchased new bottle of cleaning juice, and found some pads in the garage from Mom's last visit (or possibly the ex's - but on second thought, what would she be doing around any cleaning supplies?) and Googled the instructional .pdf for precision lock and load.  Unfortunately, the fruitless search for any existing manual or planned obsolescence hampered my efforts and the sanitary napkin round would not lock into place, so I combined manly know-how with '80s sensibility and produced an easy 3-step guide, yours for free unlimited consumer distribution.

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