15 October 2013

Defining moment of the Obama presidency came to pass last weekend

Remember when Moochelle said that, "For the first time she was proud of the U.S. [when B. Hussein was elected],"? Ever since "reconciliation" took place, the process by which 0bama and his minions "Rahmed 0bamacare through" the sharply divided Congress against the will of the people, and after such dirty deals as "The Louisiana Purchase" took place, we Americans have been subjected to more and more of the same.  Given our Idiocracy, the 24/7 news cycle and our forgetful, me-first nature  these lessons are quite ephemeral.  Seeing a new round of EBT-laden Wal-Mart stampedes gave us pause and showcased these features of our troubled society. 

However, there was one event last weekend that we should all be proud of.  Veterans, you know, dangerous usurpers, gathered at the National Mall to tear down "Barrycades" that would never exist in our pre-Marxist times.  You know, the times before PCness and regulation nation could be squelched out of hand because those ideas and the notion that War Memorials could be closed for "our safety" seemed so ridiculous, they would never come to pass.  (During the last "government shutdown", the memorials were never closed.) People gave their lives for the events and ideas that those memorials represent.

The Barrycades were deposited exactly where they belong: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  And for that, I was truly proud of my nation again.  And I truly believe that this event should be featured henceforth in all newly published history books, for the blowback against the foolishness of the current administration was the defining moment of his presidency.

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