11 May 2014


A lot of people, especially people born after 1990, are very weary of all this politically correct tyranny over our speech. As for the continuing 24/7 race issue, many of our ancestors arrived in America after the turn of the 20th Century. As for the latest hot button issue, gay rights, it really grossed me out to see Michael Sam kiss his boyfriend. I am actually glad he (finally) got drafted. But ESPN is, as they have done for as long as I can recall, forcing their own ideas on their viewers (and showing zero respect for their viewers feelings or beliefs). Here's the problem, there is this subtext that goes, "you guys who don't see things like we (the glorious "good & enlightened" people) do, are subhuman, so we have to force you to accept something, even if you find it distasteful and inappropriate. Well, ESPN, I'm turning you off. I can live without professional sports and without your insults. The whole thing is too hyped anyway. And too commercial. And too often a total flop (like the Super Bowl was. Just a huge waste of a day.) Goodbye and good riddance.

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