02 November 2014

On fulsome, increasingly rank military surveys

Early in my career I would complete all the surveys. Over the years, the number of surveys increased and became longer and longer. At that point I started to get choosy as to which surveys I would complete (most are not mandatory). Towards the end of my career, if you can believe it, survey numbers and their length increased further...it got to the point where I deleted them as fast as they hit my inbox. If you combine the increase in surveys over the years with the increase and length of online training such as tornado training, hurricane training, fire training, fire extinguisher training, sexual assault training, various forms of security training, human trafficking and the list goes on. Then add in attendance for various ceremonial functions such as going-away lunches, change of commands, commander's call, etc., it's a wonder any work gets done at all--so after some interesting reading, this latest survey would have ended up in the trash bin too. 

- Goose


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