05 February 2015

QOTD - US Manga

jirvin6878 I am not a fan of the military. And I am certainly not a fan of empires. But there are some facts that have to be considered too.
I spent most of my youth protesting against US intervention in places from Central America to Asia. And I still feel very strongly about unwarranted US intervention. But this is not the case in Okinawa.
Japan and the US have a mutually beneficial relationship in terms of this treaty. The US presence brings a balance of power to offset both Chinese and Russian influence in the region. It provides strategic as well as political advantages that strongly benefit and protect the interests of both the US and Japan.
With China spending far more on military development and her influence growing, it is critical that there be a counter weight to that influence. Too often we let the success of cities like Shanghai blind us to the very real danger that China poses. Just talk to Uyghurs, Taiwanese and Tibetans if you have any doubts about PRC intentions.
Balance works. It has avoided a regional arms race, it has spared Japan having to keep a larger standing military and it brings economic benefits to Okinawa.
I grew up near and airbase and didn't like the noise or the military guys around. But the base created jobs and strongly supported the community. Don't forget that this is case in Okinawa too.


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